Unintended conversation

You get what you don’t ask for when you use ambiguous/vague phrasings to hide your agenda.

Picture break:

To be fair, this isn’t a specific dig at the Gabriel Project, or at least not to my knowledge.  They just happen to fall under the heading of “organizations using a similar phrase to the one I saw on a sign on the side of the road that also have an image that showed up readily on google.”  That sentence probably needed a large volume of hyphens, but you know.

To the point: some women (and their lovers/spouses/etc…) are pregnant and need help.  They need help with things like preparing for an abortion, finding a skilled doctor to perform an abortion, paying for an abortion, and getting a ride home from an abortion.  They might also need help in the form of information concerning contraception in order to avoid future pregnancies.  I suspect The Gabriel Project would not be particularly willing to provide this sort of help, to put it mildly.  Indeed, their thoughts on the project are succinctly summed up in the sentence “Church communities pray…for an end to the tragedy of abortion.”

My problem isn’t the services provided, or even those not provided.  In fact, many of the services provided by The Gabriel Project are (on paper, anyway) fantastic:

* Friendship, emotional support and prayer,
* Babysitting and rides to appointments,
* Pastoral care and counseling,
* Resources for medical and prenatal care,
* Financial assistance resources and
* Resources for housing, education, adoption and employment.”

In fact, the socialist in me wishes that the government would routinely provide more employment, housing, education, and medical care, as this program does.  What gets me isn’t even the debatable effectiveness of prayer.  I just can’t stand forcing your opinion on someone and calling it “help.”  The suggestion is, implicitly, “you don’t know what’s best for you, so I’m going to tell you.”  I’m not against providing information and education.  I am against doing so in a way that is biased and targets people who are highly vulnerable.  Forgive my skepticism, but I can’t imagine that The Gabriel Project is willing to take on the at least 18 years of child support that would be necessary to not only avoid an abortion but also to make sure mother and child are fed, clothed, housed, and able to work or go to school.

“Yes I’m pregnant and would like help obtaining an abortion.”

“That’s really, we don’t do that, there are better options…”

“I’m 15, homeless, and have no support networks.  If I don’t graduate high school the chances of me being employed and out of jail dwindle significantly.  Not to mention that my child on average, could go 5-26 months between me giving up parental rights and he or she being adopted.  I also have a family history of various congenital diseases.  I really think this is the best option, even if it is not a good option.  So will you help out?”

“…Have you tried prayer?”

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  1. Typical Christian tactics.

    • Omission is a common deception tactic and is not limited to Christians by any means. Nor is it necessarily a Christian tactic–many are very vocal about their intentions, even the most inane, contradictory beliefs.

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