Please make sense and spray

Or: Things that require you to go out and buy a table that will have no other function.

Commercial break:

I love this commercial for two reasons.  One, I think it’s really awesome that they’re now making family-size efficiency apartments.  It’s everything that you might get from the first floor of a house, but in one room!  And they say nothing good comes from tough economic times.

Two, the air freshener gets its own table.  No, not just a table, THE table.  The centerpiece of the house, the first thing you see as you enter the door.  All other furniture has been banished to the outskirts, unworthy to be within 15 feet of the singularly-purposed pedestal, crafted from the finest bits of rain forest so that the air freshener may deodorize unimpeded.

Additionally, from a practical stand point, this setup is not only rather extravagant and space inefficient, but impractical.  The product is designed so that when you walk in front of it, it registers your presence–presumably with a Terminatoresque scan/analysis–and maces you with the aroma of flowers.  However, if it is placed in the middle of the room, you are able to walk behind it, where there is no sensor.  To get around this problem, simply follow the lead of the woman in the commercial and spend most of your day walking in circles around the table.

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